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Cecil Plays: Truck Trials 2, Blades of Brim & Dead Among Us

The one thing that I have learned over the course of many years and a few websites is that everything has a learning curve. This time around the ...
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Cecil Plays: Besiege

Today we started off our streaming session with Besiege. It's still in early Alpha so we only checked out the first few stages. Watch live v...
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Cecil Plays: TerraTech

Oh My Goodness!!! I checked out TerraTech over the weekend and I dug what I played. Today I started from scratch and somehow I loved it even more...
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Cecil Plays: Castaway Paradise

Ah, it feels good to be streaming again...and making a small audio mistake again. oops! Anyways, we'll be streaming again later this week and we'...
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Twitch: Dustoff Vietnam

We've been picking up our Twitch Streams and we're starting to improve a bit! Today I streamed most of Dustoff Vietnam and overall I found the ga...
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Cecil Plays: Offroad Legends 2

This morning I sat down and checked out Offroad Legends 2. Like it’s predecessor this is a sick game in every which way: graphics, physics, contr...
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