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9.5 Score

Blades of Brim

Those of you that watch our Twitch stream will know that I briefly streamed Blades of Brim the other week and that my perception was correct: it'...
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7 Score

Bouncy Bits

Every week we try to cover an insta-death game, there’s usually a quirky one that grabs our attention. A perfect example of this is Bouncy Bits. ...
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7.5 Score

Grump Granny

There once was a time when I was a kitty person. Fluffy, cuddly and a bit clumsy…what’s not to love about them? Well coming into adulthood I soon...
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3 Score

Bit Journey

I'm normally not one that loves pixel art but occasionally there's a game that has an interesting style that grabs my attention. Bit Journey  loo...
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8.5 Score

Demolition Dodge

When one thinks of a Survival game, most likely the thought of either dual-stick shooters or endless-runners will come first to mind. Occasionall...
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7 Score


Sometimes a über-hard game has a light-hearted theme and it doesn’t always make that much sense why it’s that hard. Think Flappy—you’re a bird th...
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8 Score

Apples vs. Robots (iOS)

We’re all more than aware that a pointless war has been going on for many-many years. People have signed up to fight and without hesitation go ou...
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8.5 Score

Veloz (iOS)

I expect to play a  minimum of at least one über-hard insta-death game a week. Basically, if you don't find one that you like this week then more...
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8.5 Score

Poppin’ Teddy (iOS)

Finding casual games on the AppStore is easy. Finding one that stands out from hundreds of others is a different story. Finding a casual game tha...
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8.5 Score

Flag Bearer: Dropper of Flags (iOS)

Note: the title in the App Store is only “Dropper of Flags” Coming up with a unique cave flier seems to be nearly impossible today so we were ...
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