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9.5 Score

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

I went into Final Fantasy: Record Keeper with zero expectations. You see I hold Square Enix in high regards yet DeNa on the other hand...I can't ...
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9 Score

Tap Titans (iOS)

We’ve covered a lot of games and I’ve even played way more than we’ll ever write about. Out of all of these games though there is one genre that ...
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10 Score

Dragon Quest VIII (iOS)

One of the most beloved and well received JRPGs to hit the PS2 was Dragon Quest VIII. The graphics received a massive overall since DQ VII and in...
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7.5 Score

Seed 4 (iOS & Android)

Early in the realm of iOS gaming Seed came onto the scene (published by Chillingo) and played as a standard RPG that felt like it came straight o...
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10 Score

FTL: Faster Than Light (iOS)

Reviewing games is awesome but with everything great comes a price...I don’t always have time to play some of the games that I want to. My PS3 ha...
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8.5 Score

HonorBound (iOS)

Ever since I got my hands on Secret of Mana (SNES) I’ve been in love with RPGs. I love the complex stories that unfold over time, the amount of c...
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8 Score

Clash of the Damned (iOS)

In  Clash of the Damned you’ll choose to either play as a vampire or a werewolf and most of the time you’ll be fighting the opposite side. This i...
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5 Score

Axes & Allies (iOS)

Being a fan of Kids vs Goblins, a line-drawing RPG, I was eager to check out Axes & Allies. If line-drawing RPG sounds a bit odd to you th...
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8 Score

Costume Quest (iOS)

As far as I can remember Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Dressing up in a costume, getting free candy, as well as frolicking in le...
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8 Score

Dragon Era – Slots Adventure (iOS)

Stumbling across a Casino Slot game is as easy as finding a Stage-Mom at a kid’s talent show. Finding a Slot game that separates itself from the ...
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