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9 Score

Rings after Rings

Whenever I get to check out a new puzzle game, my finger tips tingle with excitement. What is it going to be? How challenging will it be? How dif...
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7.5 Score

Pokemon Shuffle

If you follow anything and everything Pokemon then you know that Pokemon Shuffle (iOS) has been out for quite some time now. For me, I knew that ...
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9 Score


One of the very first puzzle games I played on my battery-chewin’ GameGear was Columns. Since then I’ve been intrigued by match-3 games and their...
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9 Score

Guardian Sword

There's an over abundance of certain genres on the AppStore. I'm talking about endless-runners, insta-death, tower defense and match-3 games. The...
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8.5 Score

Divide by Sheep

If there’s on thing that I hate in life, it’s math. Seriously who likes math?! Well apparently someone does because the game Divide By Sheep exis...
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10 Score

Hitman Sniper

Around E3 of last year (maybe during) Square Enix announced HitMan Sniper for the iOS and it was said that it would be free-to-play. Not too long...
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8 Score

Color Flow (iOS)

The last few days has been hectic here at AppStoreArcade with all the packing up and moving our studio. If we’re not packing or getting the studi...
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5 Score

Mighty Switch Force! Hose it Down! (iOS)

During the GameBoy color era WayForward Tech developed Shantae which became one of my favorite  platformers to ever hit that portable. Due to thi...
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9.5 Score

Hero Emblems (iOS)

You’re probably tired of endless-runners and  match-3’s and, because of your ambivalence, take the risk of missing out on some rather great games...
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8.5 Score

Shadowmatic (iOS)

No matter where you live, there’s one thing we have in common and that is that we have all created shadow puppets to amuse ourselves and/or other...
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