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8 Score

Droppy Up

This summer we did something that we have never done  since we started AppStoreArcde over four years ago: we took most of the summer off. Instead...
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10 Score

Sword of Xolan

Like most game reviewers I know, it's inevitable that we'll get burnt out from playing games at one point or another. Nonetheless there's a time ...
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3 Score

Bit Journey

I'm normally not one that loves pixel art but occasionally there's a game that has an interesting style that grabs my attention. Bit Journey  loo...
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7 Score

Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions

Star Wars fans have been entertained by some great movies and games, but we’ve also had to sift through some bad ones. For the most part anything...
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9.5 Score

Strung Along (iOS)

If you watched some of my earlier Twitch streams then you may have watched me play a good chunk of Strung Along. If not, all that you missed was ...
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6 Score

Run Sackboy! Run!

One of my favorite games to hit last gen consoles (which is still my current gen…someday I’ll update) but least favorite to play, is Little Big P...
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AppStore Bite: Escape The Page (iOS)

I’m going to come straight out of the gate saying that I’ve been playing a great game but it’s buggy as all hell. So buggy that it’s literally ga...
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Akihabara Jump! (iOS)

Most gamers, aware of Japanese culture, know of Akihabara, the huge electronics section in Tokyo. Pop culture references influence the city with ...
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9 Score

Helpless Hero (iOS)

Even though Flappy Bird wasn’t the first simple but challenging mini-game, it’s become the game to reference with ones of similar structure. A fe...
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7 Score

Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past (IOS)

A couple years ago Glitchsoft gave us He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe which offered up an overall good experience for any 80’s kid...
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