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11 Score

Kung Fury the Movie

I am a proud 80's kid. I rocked my Jams and strutted the streets in my mismatched hightop Converse kicks. And of course I had to see every action...
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8.5 Score

The Duff

Once upon a time, in the 80’s and 90’s, I used to watch lots of teen comedies that followed the all-to-common formula; high school teen misfit gi...
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6.5 Score

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

We all have our  guilty little pleasures, one of my guilty pleasures in movies is, The Spongebob Movie. It takes what makes the show so great and...
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7.5 Score


Did you check out our review for The Burning Dead? I loved the idea of lava zombies but obviously the people behind the movie didn’t realize the ...
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8 Score

Bite Size

I've found myself surrounded by extreme-health conscious individuals, all self-proclaimed "experts" on whatever their newest health passion is. I...
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3 Score

The Cobbler

I roll my eyes whenever a new Adam Sandler movie is released—sometimes wondering if I’m biased against his movies or if most of his movies suck. ...
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1.5 Score

The Burning Dead

If you take the time and scroll through our past iTunes movie reviews you’ll notice that we love to check out cheesy B-Horror movies. The acting ...
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7.5 Score

Dracula Untold (iTunes Movie)

Right before I downloaded Dracula Untold from the AppStore I caught a glimpse at the overall critic score--something that I try to not look at be...
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9 Score

Particle Fever (iTunes Movie)

Even though I was an overachiever during my high school days, my ability to understand anything beyond intermediate science class went straight o...
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5 Score

Free Birds (iTunes Movie)

Holiday movies are released for a targeted holiday. Right? No brainer here. With that theory Free Birds, which was released in Theaters Nov, 1, 2...
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