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8.5 Score

AppStore Bite: No Brakes

Earlier today we announced the return of our AppStore Bite which will cater to the games that can be summed up quickly. Proving how little gems c...
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Cargo King (iOS)

Occasionally we come across a game that is as barebones as can be but still offers up something fun. That’s exactly the case with Cargo King. ...
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9 Score


Cupcakes and Apples to Apples. Those are two things I can count on when I attend a get-together/party. There's something about that game that loo...
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9 Score

Watercolors (iOS)

There are few puzzle games featuring the mixing of primary colors while supplying a substantial difficulty level, Watercolors, does both nicely. ...
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9 Score

Helpless Hero (iOS)

Even though Flappy Bird wasn’t the first simple but challenging mini-game, it’s become the game to reference with ones of similar structure. A fe...
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4 Score

Space Heads! (iOS)

When we think of endless-runners/fliers it's a fair assumption that it'll fall close to Jetpack Joyride or Temple Run.  Not so with Space Heads! ...
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8 Score

Kiwanuka (iOS)

If you asked me to name my top 5 puzzlers of all time, there’s no doubt that Lemmings would be on that list. Figuring out how to navigate lemming...
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7 Score

Tiguidoo! (iOS)

More often than not, trivia apps are turn based and follow the structure of Words with Friends. While I do like this style of gameplay, it looses...
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8 Score

100 Balls (iOS)

Mini-games that hit the App Store are more often than not about tapping your phone as crazily-fast as possible. 100 Balls provides a slower exper...
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9 Score

Coooby The Run (iOS)

Back in my college days I took Japanese classes so I could play/watch Japanese games and shows that would never make it over to the states. It’s ...
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