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Goat Simulator (iOS)

Cult classic. This moniker gets attached to many sub-par games as a way to boost their appeal. In my experience over the years I’ve noticed that ...
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6.5 Score

Fruit Hoops Free (iOS)

I’m not sure why, but fruit themed games are easy to sum up. Fruit Ninja: swipe your finger across the screen to slice fruit. Cover Orange: make ...
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8.5 Score

Flag Bearer: Dropper of Flags (iOS)

Note: the title in the App Store is only “Dropper of Flags” Coming up with a unique cave flier seems to be nearly impossible today so we were ...
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7 Score

AppStore Bite: Dino Skater (iOS)

As you can imagine, my iPhone is packed with games. Some of these games are played for five minutes and deleted (this happened with Rovio’s Plund...
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8 Score

Bounce Vortex (iOS)

Me and a lot of my friends used to be ‘hard core’ gamers. Sitting down in front of the TV to play through a JRPG was a normal day. As I just ment...
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Summer Wrap UP: Back to Bed

Judging by the pile of games that are still in our in-box, you’d think that we’d lolled away our summer on a tropical oasis. Judging by our pasty...
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6.5 Score

Ternin (iOS)

As you know, we’re avid puzzle junkies over here. The problem is finding a new experience. But when we do, oh-boy oh-boy are we excited. And that...
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8 Score

Homeless: Life simulator (iOS)

Routinely, sim games are done in a fantasy realm. How many times have we played as a peasant who rises to King? That can also be said of games se...
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8 Score

Chario Rush

Sometimes a game’s description short but summed up. A great example is Chario Rush’s description: “Try to dodge the bouncing balls and make the b...
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Swing Copters (iOS)

Note: Swing Copters received an update today that makes the game much easier. Dong Nguyen is currently one of the most famous Indie developers...
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