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7.5 Score

Dustoff Vietnam (iOS)

I’m definitely a sucker for nostalgia, so I wasn’t surprised that my subconscious finger clicked on the download button when I saw Dustoff Vietna...
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8 Score

Skydrift (iOS)

This past weekend I was excited to make time to play Skydrift. It's a beautiful looking game and falls into the, well...falling genre, where you ...
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8.5 Score

Air Cavalry PRO – Combat Flight Simulator (iOS)

Over the last few days we’ve been checking out Air Cavalry PRO – Combat Flight Simulator, a helicopter sim. If you’ve spent time behind a virtual...
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10 Score

Infinite Flight (iOS)

Snippet about me: Putting things into perspective; I would call myself a casual flight-sim enthusiast. I’ve been flying though the virtual skies ...
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Sly Fox (iOS)

Purchase Game $0.99 About our AppStore Bite Articles My goodness, Chillingo’s latest puzzler is adorable. You play as a crafty c...
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AppStore Bite: Suspect in Sight (iOS)

Purchase Game $0.99 About our AppStore Bite Articles When I think about chasing down criminals I imagine that I’m going to be in...
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Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy (iOS) Review

Purchase Game About Our Rating System Like free games? Click here to follow us on Twitter. I’ve always ...
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AppStore Bite: Violet Storm (iOS)

Purchase Game $0.99 About our AppStore Bite Articles While I’m normally awful at dual stick shooters that mimic Geometry Wars, t...
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AppStore Bite: Bird Jerk The Poopening

Purchase Game $0.99 About our AppStore Bite Articles I have been pooped on by birds more times than I’d like to admit. I always ...
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AppStore Bite: One Giant Leap (iOS)

Purchase Game $0.99 About our AppStore Bite Articles Over the summer Asobu Games released their first iOS App, Ninja Tap...
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