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7.5 Score

ABC Play with Me

Summer normally brings fun and gives children a break from school. But, that doesn't mean that one should take a step away from learning. In fact...
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7 Score

Tiguidoo! (iOS)

More often than not, trivia apps are turn based and follow the structure of Words with Friends. While I do like this style of gameplay, it looses...
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PureMax Fishing with Percy

A few weeks ago I took a small vacation that also included a trip to my doctor. The conclusion of the doctor’s visit is that my body isn’t absorb...
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7.5 Score

Smart Kitty – an educational game for toddlers and children (iOS)

Every day when I check out the App Store I’m reminded about how amazing it must be to be a child in today’s electronic world. iPhone/iPad educati...
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8 Score

Calculords (iOS)

Earlier today I mentioned a rather odd current iOS trend and that's implementing basic math into an already known genre. Disney's Lost Light comb...
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9 Score

Lost Light (iOS)

If you're one to stay on top of iOS games then you'll know that trends hit strong and hard. Often replaced by a new trend not too long after. Som...
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8.5 Score

Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard (iOS)

Besides having to walk 10 miles in the snow to get to school every day, the interactive children’s books of my youth tossed in cassette tapes to ...
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10 Score

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey

Often, spelling games follow a similar structure to Scrabble and when they don’t, it’s a rare treat. Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is a rare trea...
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8 Score

World of Cheese HD – Christmas Edition (iOS)

Exploration and experimentation is the key to World of Cheese HD. This is a puzzler that reflects a somewhat similar experience as older point ’n...
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10 Score

Jamaroos Musical ABCs (iOS)

Over the snowless holiday break I got to chill with my niece (4yrs) and nephew (2yrs). Both kids  know that I’m the iPad guy and I always have so...
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