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8 Score

Fun for Kids – Puzzles

Last time I went to my brother’s house, he was looking for missing puzzle pieces that had been tossed around by his precocious toddler. The good ...
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9 Score

Forestry (iOS)

Most kid’s games are focused on teaching children the basics of shapes, spelling, or something of that nature. But the nature that is left out fr...
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9 Score

Pikidz ABC Play (iOS)

Spelling games are usually aimed towards the younger audience, so with the release of Pikidz ABC Play the genre welcomes its broader age appeal. ...
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7.5 Score

Smart Kitty – an educational game for toddlers and children (iOS)

Every day when I check out the App Store I’m reminded about how amazing it must be to be a child in today’s electronic world. iPhone/iPad educati...
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8.5 Score

Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard (iOS)

Besides having to walk 10 miles in the snow to get to school every day, the interactive children’s books of my youth tossed in cassette tapes to ...
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8 Score

Tap Pet Party (iOS)

Town building sims generally revolve around building a working society. Factors such as road placement, food sources, and of course entertainment...
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8 Score

World of Cheese HD – Christmas Edition (iOS)

Exploration and experimentation is the key to World of Cheese HD. This is a puzzler that reflects a somewhat similar experience as older point ’n...
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10 Score

Jamaroos Musical ABCs (iOS)

Over the snowless holiday break I got to chill with my niece (4yrs) and nephew (2yrs). Both kids  know that I’m the iPad guy and I always have so...
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4 Score

Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up (iOS)

All my friends know that I’m a Disney fanboy, heck even one of my colleges, Cal-Arts, was founded by Walt and Roy Disney (I actually got to meet ...
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9.5 Score

Maya the Bee: Flower Party (iOS)

Note: suitable for 4+ (maybe a little younger) The adventurous lil’ bee, Maya, may not be as well known in the United States as the Cheerios’ ...
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