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9.5 Score

Pirates Gulf

Over the last handful of years or so I’ve gotten a  bit pessimistic when I see anything free-to-play. Normally there’s paywalls that hit you over...
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9.5 Score

Out of Breaks– Endless Arcade Racing

Sometimes I come across a game that tweaks my brain as if to say “I’ve played something like this before” but,  I can’t quite put my finger aroun...
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9 Score

Boom Boom Football

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a sports guy and when it comes to sports—especially football. It moves slow, the action tends to last no ...
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6 Score

Kung Fury: Street Rage

Two Fridays ago, Kung Fury (The Movie) was released and has become one of my favorite comedies of recent-years. I'll have my semi-late Movie revi...
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2 Score

Chalkboard Pinball

Normally when I refer to the AppStore’s beginnings, it’s the beginning of the iPad AppStore, not the iPhone AppStore. Anyways I remember watching...
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10 Score

Does not Commute

Path drawing games used to be all of the rage when the AppStore first launched and continued to do so when the first iPad hit store shelves. None...
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7.5 Score

Grump Granny

There once was a time when I was a kitty person. Fluffy, cuddly and a bit clumsy…what’s not to love about them? Well coming into adulthood I soon...
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AppStore Bite: Captain Rocket

We’ve been making sure that we cover as many insta-death games as we can but, something happened: we got a bit burnt out from ‘em. Rejuvenating o...
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3 Score

Bit Journey

I'm normally not one that loves pixel art but occasionally there's a game that has an interesting style that grabs my attention. Bit Journey  loo...
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5 Score

Mega Drift

The initial release of Mega Drift proved to be one heck of a buggy and crash prone lil' fella. A week or so later a new update was released and t...
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