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Summer Wrap Up: Micromon

Judging by the pile of games that are still in our in-box, you’d think that we’d lolled away our summer on a tropical oasis. Judging by our pasty...
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AppStore Bite: Escape The Page (iOS)

I’m going to come straight out of the gate saying that I’ve been playing a great game but it’s buggy as all hell. So buggy that it’s literally ga...
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5 Score

AppStore Bite: Run Forrest Run (iOS)

Forrest Gump is one of the best movies released in my life time. I actually re-watched it again and it’s one of those few movies that holds up th...
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6 Score

AppStore Bite: Falling To Earth (iOS)

Last week we were hit hard with endless titles. One takes an interesting approach, Vertical Cliff, another one falls into a movie tie-in…that so ...
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4 Score

AppStore Bite: Dream Revenant (iOS)

Last month we brought back our AppStore Bite articles. This venue allows us to touch on the more simplistic casual games (I.E. dEXTRIS and No Bra...
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8.5 Score

AppStore Bite: No Brakes

Earlier today we announced the return of our AppStore Bite which will cater to the games that can be summed up quickly. Proving how little gems c...
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Nibble Jump (iOS)

Purchase Game $0.99 About our AppStore Bite Articles Countless platformers have leaped their way onto the iOS, most of them aban...
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Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort HD (iOS)

Purchase Game $6.99 About our AppStore Bite Articles We’ve easily reviewed half a dozen G5 titles and it’s clear that they have ...
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AppStore Bite: Keek (iOS)

Purchase App $Free About our AppStore Bite Articles Not too long ago Twitter became the new social “thing” and I can admit that ...
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AppStore Bite: Fish With Attitude (iOS)

Purchase Game $Free About our AppStore Bite Articles As of late, I've gotten my hands on at least one social game (basically gam...
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