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9 Score

Coooby The Run (iOS)

Back in my college days I took Japanese classes so I could play/watch Japanese games and shows that would never make it over to the states. It’s ...
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8.5 Score

Canman City Hero (iOS)

Contest! Right now Darkdog is holding a contest where you can win an iPad Air. All you need to do is beat Canman City Hero and enter the provided...
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7.5 Score

Hoopla Gems (iOS)

Falling brick games tend to fall into one of two game mechanics. A Tetris-like experience (creating solid horizontal columns) or as a match-3. Ho...
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8.5 Score


Brutally difficult mini-games are hitting the AppStore more and more often. A perfect example of this is dEXTRIS. dEXTRIS is a twitch-based ga...
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7.5 Score

Deflector Defender (iOS)

Hey...all of you retro gaming geeks...yeah you! Remember playing Pong and Space Invaders? Sure you do! What if you took a bit from each of these ...
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6 Score

Lil Smasher (iOS)

In my mind, I automatically compare any sling-shot related game to Angry Birds...some prove why I shouldn’t jump to that conclusion…Lil Smasher i...
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5 Score

Skyline Skaters (iOS)

Once in awhile I like to share a thought that cycles through my mind. “Generic at it’s most Mediocrity”. Those are the key words that together or...
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5.5 Score

Dark Guardians

Dark Guardians grabbed my attention right from the get-go. The gorgeous art design, soundtrack, as well as the animation beam with life and style...
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Flappies Invaders: Tap to stop the invasion (iOS)

Flappies Invaders: Tap to stop the invasion. Flappy-flappy-flappy. Yes I know what you’re  thinking “another Flappy clone” but no! Actually Flapp...
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Starry Duo (iOS)

Whether you know it or not, there’s always something that jumps straight at you when you first start playing a game. Perhaps its humor (Sam and M...
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