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9 Score

Toad Rider (iOS)

Every NES kid has memories of repeatedly failing the Battletoads hoverbike level. Failure would come swiftly and mercilessly. Some people did bea...
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7 Score

Small Fry (iOS)

If you ever wondered what would happen if you took Tiny Wings and situated it under the water we’ve got the answer for you. It would look like Sm...
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4 Score

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (iOS)

After sitting on a purchased copy of Duke Nukem Forever (OSX) for  a year or so (it was in development for 14 year so what’s another year!), I fi...
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5 Score

Lego® Ninjago Rebooted (iOS)

Lego games and endless-runners abound on the AppStore, so finding a Lego endless-runner…yeah, not too shocking. Lego’s newest title, Lego® Nin...
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7.5 Score

UsagiMan (iOS)

Most 80’s kids have found memories of playing MegaMan. Those memories of the classic 8-bit era will be rekindled by the quirkiness of UsagiMan.  ...
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8.5 Score

Dragon Drop Frenzy – Match 3 Games (iOS)

As of late iOS match3+ games play similar to Bejeweled: match stationary gems. Dragon Drop Frenzy Match 3 Games on the other hand play like the c...
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7.5 Score

Papa Pear Saga (iOS)

Last week, King, the publisher of  Candy Crush Saga, was all over the news for trademarking the words “Candy” and “Saga”. Their stance is that th...
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8 Score

World of Cheese HD – Christmas Edition (iOS)

Exploration and experimentation is the key to World of Cheese HD. This is a puzzler that reflects a somewhat similar experience as older point ’n...
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5 Score

Fail Hard (iOS)

At first glance Fail Hard appears to be an intriguing stunt game surrounded by rag-doll physics. The objective is to take your bike rider and col...
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9.5 Score

Shadow Blade (iOS)

Earlier in the month when we reviewed Mobage’s Sugar Roll, we realized that finding a good platformer on a touch device is very hard to come by. ...
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