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7.5 Score


I'm a complete puzzle-head when it comes to physics puzzles. I just gobble'em up. There's something about controlling the environment around you ...
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9.5 Score

Out of Breaks– Endless Arcade Racing

Sometimes I come across a game that tweaks my brain as if to say “I’ve played something like this before” but,  I can’t quite put my finger aroun...
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8 Score

Dodge Hero

“Dodging”  in gaming lingo, often often translates to twitchy insta-death games. While this is somewhat the case with Dodge Hero, your typical ru...
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8 Score

Droppy Up

This summer we did something that we have never done  since we started AppStoreArcde over four years ago: we took most of the summer off. Instead...
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8.5 Score

Engines of Vengeance

Tell me if you’ve been here: you downloaded a game and the very first impression left an awful taste. Perhaps leaving you with the thought that n...
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9 Score

Guardian Sword

There's an over abundance of certain genres on the AppStore. I'm talking about endless-runners, insta-death, tower defense and match-3 games. The...
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8.5 Score

Divide by Sheep

If there’s on thing that I hate in life, it’s math. Seriously who likes math?! Well apparently someone does because the game Divide By Sheep exis...
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7 Score

Bears vs Art

Halfbrick Studios has released stellar games that formed what iOS gaming is today—both Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride easily come to mind. At th...
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5 Score

Drift Draft Destroy

Drifting games have increased in popularity as of late and it seems that a new one is released every week. The thing about this is that all the o...
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8.5 Score

Bunny Battle Arena (iOS)

Update April 18th,2015: Last month I checked out Bunny Battle Arena, a good game, that didn’t meet full potential due to its sluggish pace and to...
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