You might be wondering what a bite is. My trusty thesaurus says: Bite (noun2) morsel, nibble, nosh, sample taste….and so aptly explains the new AppStore Bite.

#1 You’ll notice that we are starting to cover non-game apps. Since this is the case we understand that not all apps can be reviewed the same way. This AppStore Bite gives us a taste of the app without giving it a standard review, thus giving you a bite of info about the app. (Get it)?

#2 Sometimes there’ll be a game AppStore Bite Article on a game that falls short of a meal, I mean review, but we still wanted to include it.

#3 There’s too much of the game and we haven’t played through all off it. Since this is the case we can’t write a full review since we don’t know if it will change. Thus we only have a bite of the game and we want to share it with you

So that’s what an AppStore Bite is. Crunch. Crunch. Just go with it.