UPDATE: Click here to see a quick overview of our new rating system

It is common practice to attach some type of score to anything reviewed. These methods rage from thumbs up to any amount of numbers. They all serve their purpose and some better then others. We wanted to fairly score our targets.

Originally we set out using an “out of four” system but found it too vague, placing games in a number that it didn’t quite deserve (for the better or worse). We settled on an “out of 5”  and decided that we would brake this down by assigning this through the universal A through F.

Here is the breakdown:

= fantastic

= great but lacking a little something to make it that extra special

= good effort but has a quirk that interferes with the gameplay in some way

= hmmm…caution. Only if you really like this style of game ( maybe some extra credit from the developers will help)

=you will get more enjoyment buying me a coffee then playing this ( the developers should throw it in the trash before their parents see it)