Our overall verdict "Super!"

Whenever I get to check out a new puzzle game, my finger tips tingle with excitement. What is it going to be? How challenging will it be? How different is it? Yeah, my mind races with questions and excitement. This time around I checked out Rings after Rings and I can quickly say that it doesn’t disappoint.

While the game experience is completely different than Threes!, Rings after Rings hits the same tone. It’s relaxing and each move is methodical. You can take your time because there is no pressure. You just sit back, let your mind think about all of the future moves and play away. This is the tone that makes up Rings after Rings.


Okay, now i bet you’re wondering how do this play. Each turn gives you an assortment of different sized colored ring(s) that you’ll place on a 3×3 grid. Make a tic-tac-toe colored match and those colors will disappear. This leaves new spaces for new rings to be placed. Eventually you’ll hit a roadblock and not be able to place a set up rings but that’s okay because you can trash’em (you start off with being able to do this 8 times). Continue making matches, or tossing them away, until you are completely out of moves. Did you beat your high score? If not then try again. As I already mentioned, I love this game. The concept is simple and intuitive, yet somehow becomes challenging over time.

The Bottom Line: Rings after Rings is hard to put down. Give this one a go!