Do you remember back in the day when novelty stores where everywhere and they often had toys that would swear at you? Well the novelty stores may be gone, but The Final Word is bringing back that novelty toy experience.

To simply put it, The Final word is a novelty pranking app: press the button and it’ll swear at you. The thing is that you don’t want it to swear so much at you but your friend(s) so you’ll want to be a bit creative with it. What I did was I attached a bluetooth speaker and hid the speaker  underneath my friend’s desk. Then all I had to do was  tap on the app and my friend heard obscenities tossed at him. If you have an Apple watch (sadly I don’t) then you have another option: you can hide your phone and trigger it with your Apple Watch


As a novelty purpose, The Final Word is entertaining for a bit. Although entertaining, I do wish that there was a bit more control. For example you can’t choose the insults—they’re always random. Also if you want to prank your friends and you don’t have an Apple Watch or a Bluetooth speaker then you’re out of luck. If this had a timer feature or something like that then it would add a little bit more substance.

The Bottom Line: Having said all of that though, this is a free app (you can spend up to 2 bucks to unlock all insults) and it is amusing for a little while if you’re into juvenile behavior (which I am at times).