Our overall verdict "Super!"
Controls: 8.5/10
Graphics: 8.5/10
Sound: 8/10

Gosh it’s been a really long time since I’ve played a racer on the iPhone. I’m not sure why but, maybe it’s because I got sick of the rubber-banding or maybe it was the physics or maybe it’s something that I’ll never be aware of. But, like all things, you’ve got to go back to things and that’s just so what happened here: I checked out Rush Rally 2.

Probably the best thing that I can say about Rush Rally 2 is that it reminds a lot of the racers that I played on the PSP. The graphics reflect Codemaster’s TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge and I vaguely remember that the physics of the cars feel about the same. While comparing Rush Rally 2 to an old PSP game might sound bad, it’s not. This is just where I believe that Rush Rally 2 fits and that’s better than what I can say about most iOS racers.


Rubber-banding is not an issue here because it’s a rally racer. A great move because you don’t have to put up with lame AI. This couldn’t make me any happier due to two main reasons. For starters I hate lame AI–it really really kills all enjoyment for me. And the other reason is that I love playing a rally racer when the physics are well executed. And for the most part the physics are here. The tracks feel like you’re driving on dirt where you have traction but yet you don’t. If you drive too fast then you might get air born which is fun but also can ruin your run if you loose control. And then there’s variety. The tracks just seem to have more wild turns than standard races out there. Luckily Rush Rally 2 nails everything that I just mentioned.


There’s a lot of variety to be found here. Yeah there’s lots of tracks to run and there’s also mini games that you can check out. But, there’s other things as well. My favorite is the customization. You see after each run you’ll be allotted a little bit of time to tune up your car. So you better not crash your car because you’ll need it for another run. So you’ll have to decided if you want to fix the axels, tires to oh-so many other options out there. It adds a lot of depth that I normally don’t see in other iOS racers.

The Bottom Line: Rush Rally 2 does feel like an outdated PSP game but, that still doesn’t stop it from being one of the better iOS games out there.