Our overall verdict "Super!"
Controls: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8.5/10

When I first laid my eyes on Chameleon Run, the first thing that came to mind was “ugh…not another endless-runner”. This is the one genre that I once loved but, I’ve played way too much of it. Even with that thought, I loved the visuals for Chameleon Run and decided to give it ago. Right away I knew that I was completely wrong labeling this as ‘another endless-runner’.

The most obvious reason why I was wrong is, well, because it’s not an endless runner. Instead it’s a skilled-based platformer that has a similar control scheme to endless runners. Your dude, a color-shifting dude, auto runs to the right where you’ll tap on the screen to jump as well as also have the ability to change color. Hold yer horses…I’ll get to the color part in a bit.


While it looks like an endless runner and controls like an endless runner, that’s where the similarities end. Each level is semi-short but that doesn’t mean that they’re easy. Actually they’re rather challenging. The levels are made up up pink, gray and yellow platforms where you can only touch a platform if the color of your guy matches. If it doesn’t then you’ll want to tap on the screen and flip your color. This one game mechanic adds a massive challenge and a surprising amount of depth. The platform placement changes from level to level–often having you change up your approach with each level. Some levels are all about precision jumping and others are all about leaps of faith. Yet here’s the surprising part: each level has three goals to accomplish so each level tends to bring a combination of all of these factors.


What made me bite the bullet and try this one out was the presentation. The graphics are sharp and the soundtrack is fantastic. The overall visuals look simplistic yet have so much life to it when you see it in motion. Seriously one of the best looking games out there yet at the same time it looks to be minimalistic.

The Bottom Line: Chameleon Run’s objectives and superb level design will have you coming back for several days. This is a must have for every action-junkie out there.