Our overall verdict "Good"
Controls: 7.5/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 7/10

Summer normally brings fun and gives children a break from school. But, that doesn’t mean that one should take a step away from learning. In fact with technology today, it’s even easier to have kids learn on the go. If you’ve got a very young one entering preschool, or taking a break from preschool, then continue to read on.

Getting the attention of a young one can be challenging but, if you’ve got a fun, visually interesting and interactive app then you just might obtain your kid’s attention. And for the most part that’s the case with ABC Play with ME. This is a cute app that teaches the ABCs by having interactive scenes that’s covered with objects all starting with a specific letter. The letter A will have apple, airplanes, acorns etc. The letter D will be chock full of dragons, drums dogs etc. Overall each letter in the alphabet includes cute images that are tappable that will say the word of each image. In other words it’s cute, interesting and interactive.


This isn’t the most robust kids app that we’ve checked out but it’s still overall good. There’s a balloon game that lets children pop the balloons that are all carrying a letter tile. Once popped, the letter will be said which adds a depth of fun as well as learning. There’s a numbers portion that’s all about counting cute animals and…Lastly, there’s a matching game that is very cute. This is all about dragging cookies to the correct animal (i.e. The dog with a ‘K’ on it will want a cookie with a want a ‘K’ on it). Overall this is my favorite game in this app because it helps build hand-eye coordination with dragging as well as enhancing cognitive skills with matching.


The Bottom Line: If you find yourself traveling with a young one, or even just spending a lot of time with them, then give ABC Play with Me a shot.