Our overall verdict "Awesome!"
Plot: 10/10
Acting: 10/10
Special Effects: 11/10

I am a proud 80’s kid. I rocked my Jams and strutted the streets in my mismatched hightop Converse kicks. And of course I had to see every action movie to hit the theaters. Seriously, how cool was the 80’s? Well…today the dress code and those movies are beyond cheesy (unfortunately the current town that I live in *cough Portland Oregon* still thinks the 80’s is hip and has decided not to move on). David Sandberg obviously loves the 80’s, specifically the movies, and decided to create his own heavily-inspired 80’s action movie: Kung Fury.

I sat on writing a review for Kung Fury because I had no idea how to approach it–the reason being is that it’s so darn funny that even one sentence will spoil a moment that will literally have you laughing out loud. Because of this I’m going to be as vague as can be. Some keywords for you: Cop. Action. Explosions. Dinos. Nintendo PowerGlove. Time traveling. Or simply think about every cliché that you remember from your childhood (if you’re from my era) and it’s found here but somehow magnified beyond everything you could ever imagine. Seriously, David Sandberg created one of the best comedies I have ever seen.

(This is the official Movie posted below)

Even though Kung Fury falls in at the 30 minute mark, I simply could not believe that this was not created on a Block-buster budget. Rather a Kickstarter budget (literally). The acting is overly awesome where somehow every actor captures the acting style of the 80’s. Yeah, even the cheesy “wait a minute” pauses are perfectly timed here. Cheese all of the way. spoiler: The Hoff makes a special appearance. Most of the budget was dedicated to the graphics department (most of the movie was filmed in front of a green screen) and it shows. Every action scene takes what we know from 80’s movies (i.e. explosions and dinosaurs) and translates it into modern special effects. When I say “modern special effects”  I’m talking Block-buster graphics that can hang with and even surpass some of the best of ‘em. I can confidently say that every person involved in this small project clearly created a movie that is better than many movies released today.

The Bottom Line: This is not only one of the best short movies that you’ll have seen in recent years, it’s one of the best 80’s movies 😀

-Yup, Turned it up to eleven