Let’s see here. This month I’ve been able to sit outside and play games on my iPhone & iPad while sipping on lattés. When indoors I’m playing games on my Mac and more recently streaming some gaming sessions on Twitch (yup! You should watch us stream every Tuesday and Thursday). When I put it that way, man I’m spoiled because I get to play games whenever and wherever I want. Could I be any more spoiled? Well…the games we played this month averaged scores around the 8 out of 10 mark. So yeah, I guess I was spoiled this month. Below is what had us wanting to play over and over throughout May.

Game of the Month

Sword of Xolan


You know that a Indie game is good when it gets a measly 10 out of 10 (seriously? SoX couldn’t try a bit harder to grab the non-existing 11 out of 10?!) and blows Halo: Strike Assault out of the water. Sword of Xolan is that good. The retro graphics are sharp and the level design is nothing less than superb. The flawless controls will have you wondering why so many other platformers can’t get controls right. If you haven’t checked this out yet, do it as soon as you finish enjoying our site!

Runner Up

Earthcore: Shattered Elements


The AppStore is bursting with CCGs/TCGs and most of them don’t bring anything new to the table with the exception of MTG, Hearthstone and Solforge. Just when I think that I’m done with new CCGs, they pull me back in. “They” being Earthcore: Shattered Elements. The gameplay offers up a very simplistic experience that is mainly focused around trying to beat the other players’ element (as I said in the review I think it’s semi-similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors). Having said that, there’s an overwhelming amount of strategy here with a variety of spells that you can cast along with a rather crafty-crafting system.