Ah, it feels good to be streaming again…and making a small audio mistake again. oops! Anyways, we’ll be streaming again later this week and we’ll do our best to address this issue. As of the moment I’ll be streaming out of my house so I’ll look into increasing my internet speed to element dropped frames

Before I go into a few of the shows notes, I want to shamelessly ask you to Follow us on Twitch!

Show notes:

This stream shows off my very early impressions for Castaway Paradise. I really like the graphics and the feel of the game. It shows that it closely follows Animal Crossing which isn’t a bad thing. The controls are okay but it seems like it will play better on mobile.

What I didn’t like about the game is the audio. Talk about obnoxious! The only other concern that I ave are the timers and seeing premium currency. Let me clearly state though that it wasn’t an issue during my streaming session but just a concern.

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