Our overall verdict "Fair"
Story: 5/10
Animation: 8/10
Comedy Factor: 6.5/10

We all have our  guilty little pleasures, one of my guilty pleasures in movies is, The Spongebob Movie. It takes what makes the show so great and enhances it for the big screen. The gags are bigger and the amount of cameos is outstanding. Today it remains to be one of the few movies that I’ll toss on if I want to watch something stupid in the background while I work. When I saw trailers for the sequel, The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water, I was giddy and had to check it out.

In a weird way Sponge Out of Water sticks close to its TV roots (something that I love about the first movie) but this time around it sticks a bit too close. Too close meaning that I felt like I was watching three different TV shorts stitched together to become the proper length for a movie.  The  issue being that the first two sections of the movie (fyi animated in 2D) are overly boring where I felt like everything that it does, it has done way better either in the first movie and/or the TV shows. I literally paused the movie a few times to see how much time was left–painful.


Somehow I managed to make it through the first half of the movie (and I am a Spongebob fan) and was rewarded with the movie I wanted all along. The last half of the movie has the Bikini Bottom gang become Super Heroes and they make their way up to the surface to recover the stolen Krabby Patty secret formula. Now who stole this recipe? None other than Antonio Banderas.  Banderas, a fry cook, completely steals the entire movie by delivering great slapstick that plays well off of the now 3D animated cast. Topping this off is over-the-top action that delivers over-the-top slapstick. Something big enough that deserves to be in a movie (unlike the rest of the gags).

The Bottom Line: Even being a Spongebob fan, Sponge out Of Water is semi-disappointing with it’s story ark and the lackluster gags that make up the first half of the movie. Only give this one a watch if you rent it. I’m no longer giddy.