We’ve been making sure that we cover as many insta-death games as we can but, something happened: we got a bit burnt out from ‘em. Rejuvenating our love for this blossoming genre is Captain Rocket.

Captain Rocket doesn’t stray too far from the known staples. Each game can run anywhere from a split second all the way to many-many seconds. The controls are basic where you can grasp the entire concept during your first run or two. And let’s not forget leaderboards. However, there is something interesting here and I still haven’t quite put my finger on it.


Most likely though is that Captain Rocket feels more like a very challenging platformer than anything else. Each run you’ll try and get as far as you can by bouncing on incoming rockets. Simply trying to bounce on a rocket is hard enough yet the game decides to make it even harder! For starters you’ll need to make sure that you always land on top of the rocket—never from the front nor the bottom. If you do then it’s game over. Also if you miss it’s game over. It’s this nice blend of something somewhat new that’s placed on the extremely challenging gameplay that we’ve all come to love.

The Bottom Line: Captain Rocket might not have that much more of a life span on my iPhone but as of the moment I am enjoying what it has to offer. Go check it out if you’ve been craving a new instal-death game.