A couple of weeks ago I found myself with a rather nasty sinus infection slash cold, which then revealed that I was the perfect carrier—I infected every family member that I came in contact with. This event then triggered my satirical sense of humor and I wanted to see just how many people I could possible infect. Of course I’m talking about Plague Inc—I wouldn’t purposely infect people in real life. Well my brother…okay…I might have shaken his hand a few dozen times more than normal.

Plague Inc  is one of the few games that I highly enjoy the concept of but it doesn’t hold my attention for long so it never has a long lifespan on my iPad.  Once it’s deleted and several months pass, Plague Inc somehow finds its way back onto my iPad. Anyways, since I’ve played Plague Inc a handful or so of times and I’ve never written about it, I figured now is the time.


Have you played Pandemic? Well the goal is the exact opposite. In other words instead of curing the disease that’s spreading, you are the disease and it’s up to you to kill off the human population by growing from an innocent lil’ bug into something rather nasty. Nasty enough to be deadly.

You’ll start off with a few points to use to evolve your disease. Become more immune to drugs? Perhaps evolve the way that you’ll  spread (i.e. contact, birds, air etc). What’s great about this is that there are a lot of options to choose from which means that there’s an infinite amount of strategy. Personally, I tend to follow the sneaky approach and beef up my resistance and make sure that I’m undetected so I can rack up a lot of stat points. Once I have enough I boost up my lil bug to be extremely deadly and catch everyone off guard. The only downside to this is that it takes a bit of time. Sometimes, just to switch things up, I do the exact opposite and hit strong straight out of the gate. This is much more challenging because I have to be cautious about every upgrade.Try your own strategy!


The Bottom Line: Plague Inc has been out forever and although I’m not a super fan, I still have fun picking it up from time to time. So if you haven’t checked it out yet–why not?