Our overall verdict "Good"
Acting: 6.5/10
Special Effects: 6.5/10
Sound Track: 9/10
Comedy Factor: 7.5/10

Did you check out our review for The Burning Dead? I loved the idea of lava zombies but obviously the people behind the movie didn’t realize the full potential of this concept. It could have been very funny yet it tried to go the scare route and included some of the worst special effects evah. Zombeavers goes a different route and leaves the crappy CGI effects to the wayside and replaces them with zombie beaver puppets. Oh, it also ditches anything serious and embraces 70’s horror flicks.

Every cliché found in 70/80s horror movies is here. You’ve got 3 sorority girls traveling up to an isolated cabin to have a bit of R&R in a boy-free zone. Unsuspectingly…their boyfriends show up. Early on you’ve got your creepy redneck fella, who so happens to be nice, as well as something that goes bump in the night. All of this so far is by the books and is totally cool because Zombeavers is fully aware of this situation.

ZombeaversThe first half of the movie is shot on rails as many horror movie are. It sets up the cast of youngsters…soon to be slaughtered, ensure that the viewers know that communication (cell service) is not an option and introduces the bad dudes. In this case they’re about a foot high, furry and bucked tooth. They’re zombie beavers! From here on out, Zombeavers goes off rails (pun intended) and even more so when everything gets wrapped up in the end.

Let me be clear and assure you that Zombeavers is as stupid as it sounds. But man is it funny. Every joke is told in a deadpan tone where the characters don’t realize how funny the situation really is. For example one of the guys is boarding up the cabin with wood and one of the girls points out that ‘that’s what beavers do—they eat wood’. Other factors such as the beavers being crafty and sneaky comes into play with every scene. My favorite being the beavers building a  road-damn to block of the teens escape. Hilarious and stupid.

ZOMBEAVERS_lake_6.jpg_cmykAiding the ridiculous script is a handful of over-the-top cheesy puppets. I love the fact that the director obviously went out of the way to make these as cheesy as possible. You can almost see the hands! It’s that bad! Yet it gets even better and I am going to spoil something that comes later (don’t read any more if you don’t want anything spoiled). At the end of the movie these teens turn into zombies but they don’t turn into your typical zombie. They turn into zombie-beaver humans. Tails teeth and everything else! It’s as campy and as over the top as you can only begin to imagine.

The Bottom Line: Zombeavers is one of the worst, yet one of the more funny horror flicks that I’ve seen in a long time.