Notice our slightly ramped up layout…huh?…and we’re going to continue pushing out updates over the next few weeks. Our first change is that we have a set schedule and it’s rolling out now!

Every Friday we will review a physical board game. Why include a board game section? Well there’s two reasons: first is that our physical board game reviews and our iOS board game reviews were some of our most viewed articles last year! Another reason is that we want to start embracing and supporting the concept of social gaming (social as in talking to real people—not social as in Facebook games). We’re excited to review the stack of games awaiting our perusal and even more excited to hear what you’re playing!

We’ve been reviewing iTunes movies off and on for over two years. Starting today we have set our schedule to make sure that we publish our most current movie reviews every Tuesday. While we love watching blockbuster movies we’re going to make sure that the majority of our review list consists of B-Movies and Indie Movies that may not have been reviewed before.

Remember our early cringe-worthy Twitch streams? Well, starting April 2nd our streams are coming back and we’re going to stream every Tuesday and Thursday! That’s a lot of streaming! A reminder for you devs and publishers out there, if you’re interested in us giving away your games–tap right here and fill out our quick form. Oh, and on a side note our streams have a lot of issues already ironed out 😀

Game reviews! Needless to say, our game reviews will always be our main topics and we’re going to continue reviewing as many as we can. Our move is almost completely done so you’ll notice that we’ll be able to gradually increase the quantity of our reviews.

As always thanks for checking in and let us know what you want to see more of!