Our overall verdict "Good"
Story: 7/10
Acting: 7.5/10
Special Effects: 8/10

Right before I downloaded Dracula Untold from the AppStore I caught a glimpse at the overall critic score–something that I try to not look at before I review something. What I saw was a green splatter with a 23% next to it. Why am I going to review this if I know that it’s going to be bad? Regardless of the score I still had to check it out and I’m sure glad that I did.

I can see why Dracula Untold  received a bad score from other review sources because Dracula Untold is not what you’d think. It’s not a horror movie, Dracula is painted more as a saint than a villain and it strays away from the original lore and completely changes historical facts during the time period. So if you want to watch a Dracula movie that you already know what’s going to happen then absolutely skip this one. If you’re fine with a brainless, yet fun, action movie then keep on reading.


As I said this is not a horror movie but an action movie. Vlad’s “the Impaler” (Luke Evans) kingdom is being threatened by the Turks who demand one thousand boys to be donated to their army or else…Not being one to lay down his sword, Vlad travels up to the mountains to confront the Master Vampire and for his assistance. The type of ‘assistance’ that he receives is being turned into a vampire himself. The catch being that he can have this new power for three days and it will disappear if he can restrain himself from drinking blood for three days.

With this great power comes great responsibility…and over the top action sequences. Almost every action scene involves his absurd power to call on the power of bats to destroy the invading army. Is it over the top where it’s overly cheesy? Absolutely. Is it a guilty pleasure to watch something so dumb? Yes, but don’t tell anyone that you liked it. The good news though is that Dracula Untold accepts what it is, a cheesy action movie, and because of this it delivers a over- the-top action movie.

The Bottom Line: Let me assure you that this isn’t a must-see-movie but something to watch on a cold snowed in day. The acting is passable where the characters are somewhat believable. The story that unfolds is good for an action movie but you will smack your head a few times due to the lame factor (especially during the last scene–terrible).