Our overall verdict "Great"
Controls: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

As a kid the one board game that looked beyond amazing was Battleship. You sank my Battleship! As a tween (early 90’s) I left board games and went straight to PC games and my go-to was the pre-installed game, Minesweeper. Who knows how many hours I whittled away playing that game. Then in my 20’s, like everyone else at that time, I checked out Sudoku. I know that I’m all over the board talking about these random games but I’m going to tie it all together right…

…now: Warship Solitaire. That’s right, all of these games tidbits are combined to create an intriguing puzzler. Each level starts off with a mostly empty grid with a number appearing on every horizontal and vertical column. These numbers represent how many grids are occupied with a ship. Like Battleship, you’ll need to discover each ship’s location if you want to win.


This is where the challenge comes in. When you first start marking off what is water and what is a ship (which is done via single and double taps), you are almost doing this blindly. You don’t always know for sure if you’re right but you have to start somewhere. Later on though you’ll start to piece the puzzle together and know which pieces (water and ship pieces) are right and which ones to fool around with. For me this creates a similar feeling to Minesweeper where you’re using the numbers to determine where the mines are (this time ship pieces) and you will always have to do a bit of guesswork.  Unlike Minesweeper though, is that if you mess up then you don’t die–instead you just need to reevaluate your markings.

As a solitaire and puzzle gamer Warship Solitaire blows the unique factor outof the water (sorry it was so cheesy that I can’t help it). Marking pieces is extremely easy with its tap interface (you can also tap-drag to select multiple spaces). Each level ramps up the difficulty where it remains challenging but never too challenging. And the graphic presentation is minimalistic but not too minimalistic which gives it a nice character flair.


The Bottom Line: I play a lot of puzzle games and by far Warship Solitaire is one of the very few that completely grabbed my attention.

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