Our overall verdict "Awesome!"
Controls: 9.5/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 9.5/10

My first experience with Wayward Souls left me scratching my head and pondering if I had wasted five bucks. The retro art style didn’t dazzle me nor did the random layouts found in each dungeon. I placed Wayward Souls on my review back burner, very close to becoming one of the hundreds of games that’s deleted for good (I.E. FFVI). Since I’m posting a review, it should be clear that I checked out Wayward Souls one more time before final deletion.

This is one of the few times where my opinion dramatically changes. I heart Wayward Souls. What originally had me hating the game was it’s Rogue-like action where death was permanent. I like to make progress but that’s not the case with Rogue games: die and start over. But that’s not exactly the case here. There’s RPG elements and that’s what had my second play through turn into several nights of play-throughs with many more nights to come.


Each game you’ll come across different potions as well as equipment to aid you in battle. I’m a collector so it stings every time I die and everything that I’ve earned vanishes. That’s not entirely true though:  you’ll keep all of your coins that you collected along the way. This is what has me lovin’ Wayward Souls. During each game you can slowly purchase permanent upgrades for your hero whether it’s more powerful attacks, more health….These upgrades allow you to dive a bit further with each game and have that feeling of progress that otherwise wouldn’t be here.

Wayward Souls is a challenging game. Wayward Souls can be brutal. You will die and you will die often. Taking away a bit of the sting with each and every defeat though is the pure beauty of the controls as well as the sheer amount of variety with each run. The controls themselves are simple where your left thumb is all about movement while your right thumb activates different actions. Simple taps is a basic attack, tap-hold is a power attack, and tap-swipes will activate different moves. Although I call the controls ‘simple’, they’re overly smart and offer one of the better controls out there.


As with the other Rogue games, everything found here is random. Random dungeons usually would equal blandness but that’s not the case here. Each game as well as dungeon offers a new experience. One game might have you fighting off giant rats and miners…go down to another level and you’ll be fending off alien-like monsters. Yes there’s variety here but more importantly is that it remains interesting at all times.

The Bottom Line:  Wayward Souls brings an almost Secret of Mana experience with Rogue-like qualities. This is seriously one of the best action games to hit iOS.

iTunes_ASA_ButtonPrice $4.99