Our overall verdict "Super!"
Controls: 7.5/10
Graphics: 9.5/10
Sound: 9.5/10

Back in my college days I took Japanese classes so I could play/watch Japanese games and shows that would never make it over to the states. It’s these titles that ooze Japanese pop-culture and along with it bring a unique experience. While my Japanese has massively slipped over the years, Cooby The Run reminds me of the delightful quirkiness that I fell in love with oh-so many years ago.

Coooby The Run is a stylistic multiplayer 2D runner that embraces power-ups found in Kart Racers. The courses themselves move swiftly where memorizing a course has never personally  happened partially due to sheer speed as well as trying to filter out the extreme V.O.R. stimulus thrown at you. That’s part of the charm though. You’re running through a world that is Japanese Pop-Art.

Although this is a platformer, the spirit is Kart Racer. The power-ups are plentiful and often change the outcome of each race. This happens many, many times throughout each race! Sometimes you’ll be leading the pack and WHAM! you’re pulverized by other player’s power-ups, now you’re the underdog…and then you turn it around and blast into first place. This is why I say ‘Kart Racer’ and since it’s set on a 2D plane it creates an experience that I rarely encounter.

The actual gameplay is fun (even though there’s a small delay with the controls) but what grabs my attention is the character found throughout the entire game. Everything is bursting with Colorful and Creative design and characters. Adding to this is that you’ll grow a garden over time (this will grow faster by placing high in each race). What’s cool about the garden is that it’s tied into unlocking new Coooby outfits. The variety boggles my mind, I rarely see two Coobies that remotely look the same. There’s that much variety here.


Note: Currently the Multiplayer is sparse during the day time if you’re a gamer in the US. If you play late at night you’ll find a lot of Japanese gamers online and starting a match takes only a few seconds. Hopefully this will pick-up in the U.S.A. over time.

The Bottom Line: Coooby The Run reminds me how much fun y Japanese games can be! The quirkiness tops every game I’ve seen in way over a year, the variety of customization is outstanding, and the crazy action will have you cheering and screaming at your iPhone with each and every run.