Whether you know it or not, there’s always something that jumps straight at you when you first start playing a game. Perhaps its humor (Sam and Max), pure early 90’s inspiration (Toad Rider), or as is the case with Starry Duo it’s the art direction and soundtrack.  

The atmospheric tone in Starry Duo looks like you’re playing an interactive children’s book accompanied by a soundtrack that immerses you into the fantasy world. Every character as well as the setting thoroughly supports this sensation.

Like the children’s book feel, so is the center concept of Starry Duo. You choose to play as either a boy or girl and fly around with a magical wand to collect stars that match the color of your wand (your wand’s color continues to change throughout each level). During your journey you’ll need to avoid bad critters that fly towards you as well as avoid stars that do not match your wand. Aiding you in your journey is an upgradable wand that can shoot out fireballs, act as a shield and heal you, among other things. All of this is great.

screen568x568-68What I saw and experienced in Starry Duo…I liked, but my journey came to an abrupt halt much sooner than expected. I found myself dying over and over in an early level where one hit meant sudden failure. This wouldn’t be so bad if the level didn’t take around five minutes to complete (there’s a portion of randomness with each level that can really drag out the length—yes I started timing it). That’s a long time to play a level without a single slip up. Having said that, when I find myself stumped early on in a game I’ll pass it onto other gaming friends and give them a shot at it. I had them start from the beginning and they got stumped at the same level. The three of us spent a few hours (literally) trying to beat this one level without any success. To bad there’s no option to continue from where you left off…especially with one hit meaning game over.

The Bottom Line: Starry Duo has a great tone but the one hit sudden death took away from the enjoyment and became pure frustration. With such a wonderful atmosphere going for it, I’m sure that the Devs will soon fine-tune this issue.

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