Our overall verdict "Great"
Controls: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9.5/10

What does Prince Furry from Tales of Furia have in common with Mario? If you said that they’re both plumbers…for real? Nah, both of their loved ones have been captured. For Prince Furry to rescue his beloved he must set forth through five different worlds where he’ll eventually/hopefully rescue her.

Each stage plays as a vertical platformer where you take control of Prince Furry and jump from platform to platform until you finally make it all the way up. As you progress new challenges will open such as but not limited to: wooden planks that’ll disintegrate in a matter of seconds to ice platforms that will have you continuously slide. Each new game mechanic is introduced one at a time which creates a perfect difficulty curve. This is one of the few games where the levels never seemed out of order.

Besides different platforming materials to overcome, it’s the level design that pushes your skills further. To successfully navigate up the tower, you’ll need to embrace a rhythmic feel to the movement. This is highly emphasized on the more precise sections where you continually tap the jump button in beat to each platform while the only thing that is changing is the direction of each jump. I’ve played many iOS platformers that try to do this, but Tales of Furia is one of the very few iOS platformers to get this right.

There’s only one issue with Tales of Furia and that’s the walk cycle of your Prince. It’s not possible to move your Prince only a hair…tap on the screen with the intention of moving your Prince just a hair–he goes through one whole step of animation! More often that not I found him walking off the platform and he wasn’t even that close to the edge!  The good news is that after you spend a small chunk of time with Tales of Furia, you’ll learn to counter this issue and it’ll mostly fade into the background.


The Bottom Line: The rhythmic feel of the level design makes a fun platformer into something much better.

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