Our overall verdict "Great"
Controls: 8.5/10
Graphics: 9.5/10
Sound: 9/10

Let’s face it, we’ve all found ourselves trapped in the land of YouTube watching who-knows how many kitty videos. Those cats are so darn cute and naughty. But what if they drove a giant space ship and shot everything in sight? Well that’s Naughty Kitties for you.

Pinning a specific genre on Naughty Kitties isn’t going to happen. Instead it combines aspects of three different genres: endless-runner, Tower Defense, and a bit of a pet sim, into one interesting experience. How this plays out is that you guide a ship and place three cats, all with unique abilities, on it (more spots open up overtime). One cat is equipped with a machine gun, another is a mechanic (healer), along with a vast variety of other kitties…way too many to list. Learning about each cat will help you defend your ship from the invading forces.


Knowing about each cat isn’t going to be enough. In order to survive you need to upgrade each cat as well as learn how to create combos. On top of this you have to learn how to keep each combo going and which one is best for the current enemy. After all, this is a tower defense so you need to stay on your game at all times. Not to fret though, after a bit of experimentation this’ll become second nature and you’ll survive that much longer.

Besides upgrading your kitties and ship, you’ll also need to keep the cats happy via pet sim. Feed your cats regularly and they’ll be happy and fight better. Starve ‘em and they’ll call P.E.T.A. on you. Okay, they’ll just not put up much of a fight. This sounds great but it’s more of a nuisance than anything else. A good chunk of your in-game currency will need to be spent on food rather than upgrades…need I say more?


The Bottom Line: Besides the annoying pet sim portion, Naughty Kitties is an excellent endless-runner that is as fun to watch is as it is to play.

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