Our overall verdict "Great"
Acting: 8/10
Special Effects: 8.5/10
Comedy Factor: 8/10

Machete, originally a fake movie trailer in Grind House, became a reality in 2010 and has now released a sequel Machete Kills.

Danny Trejo steps up from his normal supporting cast role and takes the lead as Machete, a Mexican evangelist that simply can not die. The plot devours everything that you’d expect from a B-Movie from having a madman planing on blowing up Washington, obvious plot-twists,and cheesy one-liners.  Normally a movie that makes fun of itself falls flat, but Machete Kills embraces everything bad (and good) about B-Movies and becomes awesome.


Part of this awesomeness is the amount of action—perhaps the most action I’ve seen in one movie in a long time. The thing is though, that every action sequence is so creative, and often hilarious, such as throwing a parking break on a speed boat to flip it, that you cannot help but watch and laugh. I might actually watch it again because it’s so much fun!

The acting is purposely bad and perfectly done. La Chameleón, a hired hit man, is portrayed by Walton Goggins, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lady Gaga, and Antonio Banderas. This one role highlights the quirkiness and absurdness that makes Machete Kills so hilarious. If that’s not enough for you…watching Mel Gibson play a psychotic villain will have you laughing your ass off.


The Bottom Line: The superb cast (almost every role is played by a well-known actor) makes this overly-absurd B-Movie one of my favorite movie diversions in a long time. Oh and again, some of the best action sequences that I’ve seen in quite a while.