Our overall verdict "Great"

It happens to everyone now and then, the mundane routine kicks our ass, until we hit the breaking point and do something out of our comfort zone. For Doug (Brian Geraghty), the breaking point was the departure of a stale relationship with Clare (Alexia Rasmussen) as well as being stuck in a job where his efforts were under-appreciated. Like a perfect storm of mundaneness, Doug quits his job and puts his past behind him.

It’s this action that not only sets the tone of this dramedy but also the pushing factor of the plot which is that Doug decides to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. As difficult as it is to climb the mountain, training to climb the mountain as well as dealing with Adult obstacles becomes much more difficult than expected. Throughout the movie, the plot never strays from reality and hits on his  finances as well as trying to get his parents to understand why he’s doing what he’s doing.


While the plot is fine, it’s the actors that push the film. Funny-man, Jim Gaffigan, takes the role as Doug’s burnt out boss that seems to be at a breaking point with his career as well. The leads, mainly Geraghty and Rasmussen, deliver a solid performance that gives you a glimpse into their personal live which is a great feat for such a short film (well 90 minutes short).

The Bottom Line: Kilimanjaro isn’t a must-watch movie but it’s something that I can easily recommend the next time you’re wanting a intimate movie.