Our overall verdict "Super!"
Controls: 9/10
Graphics: 9.5/10
Sound: 9/10

We’ve reviewed a few dozen edutainment apps and most range from being okay to good–but not great. Very few meet that perfect balance of being both fun as well as educational. Math Run: Panda Chase, like sipping the perfect latte, does just that.

Let me set the stage: you’re an adorable baby panda running away from a big lovin’ panda. Heck, probably like your child, the panda wants to run and play instead of sitting down to learn something. The trick here is that Math Run: Panda Chase combines an endless-runner experience ingeniously injected with math problems. On the surface this doesn’t sound like it should work well but, it clearly does.


Math Run: Panda Chase is a endless-runner that follows a similar scheme as Temple Run: Tilt to move left/right and swipe to jump and slide.The thing here though is that even if you discard the math portion (I’ll get to this in a second), this is a fantastic endless-runner. The environments are beautiful, soundtrack perfectly fits the tone, and the controls are rock solid. Few endless-runners get this right and Math Run: Panda Chase nails every one.

Running into power-ups, and there’s a lot, will freeze the action and pop up a math problem. In order to receive the power-up, the math problem needs to be solved correctly before time runs out. To my surprise, this freezing aspect works fine especially since the action never freezes right before harms way. The variety of math questions is divided up into categories which is represented by different animals. Run as a Panda for basic math, lizard for subtraction, a bunny for division, and so-forth. Pushing the math section even further is that you can change the difficulty speed of the questions which allows the questions to be answered by a  kindergardener or speed it up to give an adult (or a very smart kid) a run for their money.


The Bottom Line: Math Run: Panda Chase is a rare educational title where both the fun and educational aspect are top-notch.

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