Our overall verdict "Great"
Controls: 8/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 7.5/10

The thought that went into my mind when first playing Furiosity is that it reminded of Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity –What’s Inside the Cube?. You’re given a cube that’s surface is made up of several cubes and you must tap away until you reach the next layer. Fortunately  this is as far as similarity goes since Furiosity is actually a game. Not a brain dead activity that was Curiosity (sure I like the experimental approach but man was it boring).

Bart Bonte’s Furiosity, the same dev that brought us Factory balls, is a puzzler with the objective to tap on the squares until they all change to the next solid color. This, then opens up the next layer (I see it as layers but they’re technically called levels) of the puzzle. In order to successfully progress through Furiosity you’ll need to solve the illogical-logical approach to each layer.


In one level you might tap on a square and the adjacent squares will be the ones that change color. Another level you might tap that same square and now five random squares change color. There’s seemingly no logic behind this but the further you progress you’ll understand that there is a logic. And that logic is something that you’ll need to figure our with every single level. Personally I love puzzles and found myself getting sucked into discovering the dramatic change in logic between levels.

I only have one small issue with it and that is that the level curve is warped. One level might have me tapping away at it for a minute to try and solve the level while the next level is achieved in seconds. I like puzzle games that have a incline in challenge and that is not found here.


The Bottom Line: Furiosity is a very intriguing puzzler that’ll entertain gamers looking for an experience only found in an Indie game.

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