Our overall verdict "Great"
User Interface: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Choosing a smartphone plan is complicated. Do you choose a carrier such as Verizon (carrier my wife uses) that is known to have great service throughout the whole country but limited amount of data usage? Or perhaps Sprint (my carrier) that has cheaper pricing but comes at the price of loosing a good data signal? My wife never knows how much data she uses so we decided to check out DataDiary (I don’t know how much data I use either but in my case it doesn’t matter).

Setting up DataDiary is an easy process which uses a VPN connection*. Once you have it installed (takes no more than a minute) DataDiary does a fantastic job of tracking all of your data usage from uploading pics, texting, to even playing Clash of Clans.


What Makes DataDiary cool in my book is that your usage is laid out in easy to read graphs. Like, my 4 year old niece can figure out the graphs easy. This layout (you can view daily, weekly, or monthly) breaks down usage…even which apps are using the most data. Some apps are a no-brainer (I’m looking at you Google Maps) but you might be surprised by the amount of usage that comes from free-to-play games. Sure, they might be “free” but they’re eating up your data plan! It’s discovering things like this that makes DataDiary a worthy recommend.


The Bottom Line: DataDiary clearly lets you track the amount of data that you consume on a daily basis. This is a great tool to help manage your data usage.

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*DataDiary uses VPN connection which can slow down your connection. We personally found streaming videos to be a nearly impossible task but everything else is fine. This is common with VPN and results will differ depending on your physical location.