Our overall verdict "Good"
User Interface: 7/10
Graphics: 7.5/10
Sound: 7/10

I get a kick out of reviewing Geo-based social games. These games get me away from my desk and more importantly force me to be a bit more social. Over the weekend I met one of my friends and we checked out Friend Bomber.

Friend Bomber is a 2+ player game that pits players against each other in their real environment. It tracks your location as well as your friends. The game portion to this is that each player will place virtual bombs (17 different bombs to choose from) on a map and in order to “blow up” a friend, they’ll need to walk into the blast radius to trigger the bomb. This is where the strategy element comes in. They can’t see the bombs that you placed (and vice versa) so you’ll want to strategically place each one. Perhaps being a brutal player, you might place a virtual bomb in their driveway…however they can counter this move by putting up a 24 hour safe zone which’ll allow them to commute to their daily location out of virtual-harm’s way.


Since we played this in such a short amount of time (you can choose game length to last a few months if you wish) we decided to keep it in our neighborhood. Bombs were triggered left and right and that’s where the fun is. Once a bomb is triggered, the person that triggered it only has a short amount of time to solve a sliding puzzle.

That’s only half of it though. If you manage to solve the puzzle in time you’ll need to cut one of two wires. One will save you and the other one goes Boom! 50/50 chance here. If you blow up then you’re sitting on the bench unless you use a medical kit which’ll heal ya’ up real good. Having a few different options on how to protect yourself while defusing the bomb, safety area, to medical kits allows you to have fun even if you find yourself walking into virtual bombs on a frequent basis.


The Bottom Line: Friend Bomber is a fun combat geo-based social game that I’m sure will be even more fun with more players.

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