Our overall verdict "Great"
User Interface: 9/10
Graphics: 8.5/10
IAP FActor: 7/10

Even if you’re not a puzzle-geek, chances are that you’ve played the type of puzzle that has you create a path from point A to point B by rotating tiles. Oddly enough even modern iOS shooters (I.E. N.O.V.A. series and Deus Ex [if my memory serves me correct]) have used this type of puzzle as a mini-game. Most likely this style of puzzle has become so popular because it’s so user-friendly. There’s normally a few different solutions to each problem which makes it a bit easier. 1 Solution, offers one key change…

…there is only one solution for each puzzle.There are several ways to create a complete path from point A to point B;  you’ll need to use a certain amount of tiles with each level. The tricky part is that some tiles are “fake” and not used in the solution. This limits the amount of solutions to…one.


I’m a self-proclaimed puzzle-guru. I’m damn good at puzzle games (I just wore my arm out from patting my back so much). Now if you’re new to puzzle games don’t worry, 1 Solution has puzzles that range from novice to advanced. The main reason is that the challenge comes from the size of the grid. The two free packs consist of 2×2 (super easy) all the way to 7×7 which will offer a challenge. If you also proclaim yourself as a puzzle-guru then you might want to check out the more puzzles that are available through IAP that go up to 12×12 (there’s  even 13×13/14×14 iPad specific puzzles as well).

Besides the normal expectations in this type of puzzle, there are two additional factors. One makes things more challenging while the other makes things more difficult (it’s a nice balancing act). On the easy side of things is a crafty hint system. You can choose to have a specific tile rotate in the correct position or you can also highlight the fake tiles (again these are the tiles that are not used for the correct solution). Making things more difficult is the type of puzzle. Sometimes you’ll need to connect points A, B and C as well as other variations. I find this factor more challenging than the actual size of the grid.


The Bottom Line: 1 Solution includes 83 free levels which will take some time for the puzzle-novice to complete. For the more advanced puzzler, they’re still fun to check out and you can always purchase more difficult levels. It’s definitely a fun puzzle game that is great for quick gaming bursts.

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