Our overall verdict "Super!"
Controls: 8/10
Graphics: 7.5/10
Sound: 7/10

Ninjas are known for their swiftness and prowess, typically to strike down an opponent. But…what if you were a ninja and put your skills towards mining? You would become a mining ninja and that’s exactly the premise of Ninja Miner.

In Ninja Miner you take control of an acrobatic ninja and collect gems throughout treacherous mines. How you move your ninja around is that he’ll (might be a she) jump in the direction you choose but the ninja will continue moving in that direction until something in their path stops them. It’s this movement that creates the puzzle experience since you’ll need to solve how to collet every gem in each level as well as how to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘Z’ by strategically using the objects  to stop your ninja.

I was captivated from the first stage to the last! Early on the levels are very easy and experimenting with your ninja  isn’t an issue. Yet there’s a learning curve, a very good one at that, that slowly evolves the idea of experimenting to planning. For example,  you’ll pick up tools to destroy blocks and need to figure out in what order you need to do so. Poor planning will result in destroying a block that’s needed to progress.

photo 3

Most puzzles games seem to be light on content but Ninja Miner offers a splendid variety of locked gates, swords to defeat foes and portals. In other words each mechanic serves a certain purpose and is not just thrown in to make the game feel more fleshed out. I love Ninja Miner.

Ninja Miner packs a great amount of levels and includes a bit of re-playability with its three-star system. There’s also a endless-mode called ‘gems rush’ that adds to the experience. This takes one of the concepts found in the main game that has you bouncing around the mines and trying to out run the water. Spoiler: the water will eventually catch up to you (okay…not that much of a spoiler). This mode costs an extra buck to unlock but is absolutely worth it  (especially since Ninja Miner is currently free).

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The Bottom Line: Ninja Miner is a fantastic puzzler that remains engaging from level to level.

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