Our overall verdict "Super!"
User Interface: 8.5/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Gosh,we’ve reviewed so many children’s edutainment apps that we’ve thought about creating a sister site that covers only these games. Most of he edutainment apps are great but many have a hard time balancing both entertainment and education. GOZOA – Play and learn math brings a well balanced experience.

GOZOA – Play and learn math (Gozoa from here on out) combines a large variety of math mini-games along with plat-forming sections, based on the Scandinavian Public School criteria. The mini-games consist of several learning elements such as separating colors and shapes, drawing numbers and matching an amount of objects, among other things.


Putting these mini-games through my vigorous testing, A.K.A. my 4 year old niece (it’s aimed at 5-8 year olds but she’s smart as a whip), I handed my iPad over to her and let her figure it out. Even though the mini-games continue to change, there’s a great voiceover by a child that clearly explains how to complete each one. Gozoa kept her attention for long bursts at a time…long burst for an active little kid!

A cute platforming section ties together all of the math problems. During this they’ll take control over Gozoa, a cute blue critter, and move him/her around the level and jump from platform to platform to collect coins as well as move on to the next next mini-game. Moving the character is easy that is done mostly via simple taps (my niece was a little bit too young to manage this section).


Adding a bit more game mechanics to Gozoa is that your child can use the coins they collect to purchase new outfits. Nope, not what you’re thinking. No IAP here. This shop can be seen as a reward section as well as being educational since it also involves basic math.

The Bottom Line: GOZOA – Play and learn math creates a fun math, memory, and problem solving educational experience.

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