Our overall verdict "Good"
Acting: 7/10
Story: 6.5/10
Comedy Factor: 7/10

Amy Alyson Fans, is an Indie film that focuses on the life changes of Amy  Alyson (Cooper Harris), a soon-to-be rising star. Fame, or soon to be fame, comes at the price of loosing her personal life freedom when everything is exposed on a  fan site.

With this quick description, Amy Alyson Fans sounds like it could be a thriller movie but as we expose more of the plot, the chick flick surfaces. You see, Amy’s boyfriend, Jay Balch (Brendan Bradley), who’s also an inspiring actor, becomes jealous of Amy’s career taking off while he can’t even get a callback. He then gets the great idea  to earn an income by creating a Amy fan club website and stalks Amy without her knowledge. This original twist remains amusing despite its predictability and compensates for the movie’s short coming.


The short coming is Cooper Harris. Her acting is simply terrible and I could not stop laughing at the irony that the B-Movie roles that she plays in this movie (movie within this movie) was purposely  delivering a performance that we expect from B-Movie actors. The critics in the movie ripped apart Amy’s acting…again the irony surfaces as I find myself being a snarky critic commenting on Harris’s performance. Fortunately the rest of the cast saves Amy Alyson Fans. Jay Balch, for the most part, brings a realistic but comical approach to a jealous boyfriend who ends up having Amy’s best interests in mind. His friend Pete (Josh Sussman), who becomes hired paparazzi, steals every scene he’s in. I just wish that he had a bigger role!