Our overall verdict "Great"
Controls: 7.5/10
Graphics: 8.5/10
Sound: 8.5/10
Replayability: 8.5/10

I thought I knew what to expect from Cannon Crasha. It’s a artillery game and you shoot at each another. There’s nothing wrong with this but I’ve moved on from this style of game. After playing a couple stages I was proven right, after playing a few more stages…I know when to admit when I’m wrong.

Cannon Crasha at its base (all your base belong to us) is a real-time artillery game where you and your opponent face off and shoot artillery at each other. Making things interesting is that your biggest opponent isn’t necessarily the AI but rather it’s the wind. The ever changing wind. Because of this you’ll have to continuously change the angle and/or velocity of each shot to compensate. This wind is a burden. A very fun and challenging burden that is.

photo 2-1Yet, this is only one aspect to think about. Your castle contains different rooms that open up more strategies. You can build up shields, unleash troops, as well as a few different things. These elements ramp up the levels a few notches by having you continuously strategize when, where, and how to use each power-up. And since it’s real-time, you have to stay sharp and quick. This elevates an already good artillery game.

photo 1-1

The Campaign Mode looks short but after playing through the first world you’ll notice that the game’s difficulty dramatically increases over time. If that’s not enough for you then there’s also a few extra modes worth checking out such as a Survival mode that pits you against waves of enemies. Personally this mode was completely not for me, I found it tedious. Another fun mode, Goal hunt, has you pursuing fun and challenging achievements. Multiplayer is simply awesome and even better if played on an iPad. Overall, this is a nice round package.

photo 3

The Bottom Line: Cannon Crasha combines RTS and artillery elements into one heck of an experience that is approachable for both the casual as well as the hardcore.

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