Our overall verdict "Great"
Controls: 8.5/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Replayability: 7.5/10

I normally don’t give point and click adventure games the time-of-day. Cluelessly tapping on the screen to find interactive objects along with trying to figure out the obscure puzzles is no longer entertaining. Why would I need a salmon to open up a door? While that’s somewhat of an absurd example it’s not too far away from that obscurity. Tiny Thief on the other hand makes a bit more sense.

Tiny Thief is a cute lil’ point ‘n click adventure game that has you take control of a tiny thief in bite-sized levels. Moving your thief around the screen is done with taps and when standing next to an interactive object an icon will pop up letting you know that it’s interactive. For the most part, everything that is interactive will be used in a way to cause a distraction in order for you to interact with another object. After all, you are a thief and a wanted one at that, and if you get caught it is game over. Fortunately even though there’s a bit of trial and error interacting with objects it doesn’t get frustrating.


Each level packs in a bit of interactivity with 3-star goals. One star is to find your ferret (maybe it’s a weasel…in Boston we would call it a rat) which pops up its head here and there. Another star is earned whenever you  find smaller hidden object(s) that normally appear after causing  a chain of events(you don’t have to find these to move on). And the last star is the main objective which more often than not needs to be partially solved before you can collect the minor objects. While the main puzzle may be a little odd to figure out at times (I.E. such as needing to get stilts and a flag to create an outfit to make a disguise), finding the solution is pretty easy since there’s never too much to interact with at any given time.


The Bottom Line: The puzzles that make up Tiny Thief are interesting and cute and worth while to check out even if point ‘n click games are not for you.

iTunes_ASA_ButtonPrice $2.99