Our overall verdict "Bad"
Controls: 2/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 6/10
IAP Factor: 2/10

Garfield, that precocious cartoon tabby, brings fond memories to most children of those awesome 80’s. Plushies of this diabetic cat dominated the market and to this day his Halloween special is my favorite. Eager to re-visit those fond memories I checked out Garfield’s Wild Ride. How regretful.

I went into Garfield’s Wild Ride assuming that it would be a Jetpack Joyride clone but replaced with Garfield and friends (Jon & Odie). In one aspect this was true. Replacing the jetpack, you’ll instead take over Garfield in his dreams and the up and down movement is replaced with having him flap his arms like wings. You’ll need to flap your arm-wings to avoid completely unrelated polkadot-rounded oblong hazards.This not only is very disconnected from the Garfield theme, but it lacks any sort of style.

Yes, there’s more Jetpack Joyride similarities but, unfortunately in this case, the experience is far different. Controlling Garfield is jittery and one of the worst cave-flier controls that I’ve played in years. At first, the power-ups might seem cool since you get to fly as Super Garfield and ride a giant sized Odie, but the fun factor wears thin after only a few times…if that! I was bored flying around as Super Garfield the very first time?!


Garfield’s Wild Ride is not a free game but it sure acts like one. Everything that you can purchase is waaaaaaay over-priced where playing a couple more rounds to purchase a new outfit isn’t a reality (Jetpack Joyride had me hooked for hours unlocking everything and it was a blast). It’s a shame that Garfield’s Wild Ride is less fun than waiting in line for a bathroom.

The Bottom Line: Garfield’s Wild Ride is a crash and burn.

iTunes_ASA_ButtonPrice $0.99