Our overall verdict "Good"
User Interface: 6/10
Graphics: 5.5/10

Did you ever dip eggs in colored dyes to decorate them? If so then you probably held the egg partially in the dye in order to create stripes and other designs. It’s this basic concept that makes up a very innovative puzzler, Factory Balls.

Factory Balls displays an image of a ball with different color patterns that you need to replicate. To do this you need to use your wits and the few tools in front of you. An example of this is that in order to create a ball that is blue on the top and orange on the bottom, you’ll start off by dipping the ball in blue paint. In order to keep the blue portion blue, you’ll put on a hardhat to protect that layer (kind of serves as tape). Now dip the ball into orange paint, take it out and remove the hardhat to reveal that you’ve got a bi-colored ball.


That’s just an example Factory Balls, gets much more complicated, you’ll really need to dissect what order to dip the ball in as well as what protective tools to use. In other words, different hats, belts, goggles, and even a scrapper will be used to figure out some of the puzzles. Oh, and oddly enough, there’s also sculpting (not very fond of that portion) and dealing with a watering can to turn your ball into a Chia-like ball. 


The Bottom Line: Factory Balls is extremely short but it’s easily worthy of a buck for any puzzler fan.

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